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Der Deckel muß im Randbereich eine Öffnung oder Griffmulde haben. Der Haken läßt sich in alle Richtungen drehen, ist in der Länge verstellbar und kann mit Hilfe einer Rändelmutter in der gewünschten Position fixiert werden.

The "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover opener is an indispensable tool for everyone working with manhole-covers, oil separator-, gas -, water- or cable pit covers.

This tool can be used with all covers that have a ventilation hole or grip recess near the perimeter, big enough to insert the hook.

The hook can be freely turned and the length of the hook can be adjusted using the knurl-nut.

Bei Bedarf Haken zur Seite drehen und seitlich einhängen.The hook is attached to the cover by threading it trough a ventilation hole or by affixing it to a grip recess. If required, turn the hook sideways and tilt the tool to reach a good fixing point.

With the help of leverage, the cover is loosened. Firmly tighten both supports using the black radial grip handles. Manipulating shaft covers is easy with the "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover opener!

To achieve the correct leverage effect, the lever is aligned to point to the center of the cover. Slide back the lever until the hexagonal foot is outside the cover area and can be placed on the cover-ring. Now firmly press down the lever handle to loosen the cover with the aid of the leverage effect.
Once the cover has been loosened, slide the lever towards the cover center until both feet are placed on the cover itself. Firmly tighten both supports using the black radial grip handles to establish a stiff link between cover and lever. This step is important! Thanks to this link you can now manipulate the cover with ease, you can lift, turn, tilt, slide and close the cover with minimal effort.

With very heavy covers use two "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover openers.Under extreme conditions and especially with very heavy covers, the use of two "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover openers is recommended.

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