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HERMES Technologie GmbH
Gewerbepark Ost 7
A-4846 Redlham
Tel.: 0043 7673 23200 Fax: 0043 7673 23203


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HERMES Technologie the producer of the "Titan-Alu" Manhole-Cover Opener, is renowned for engineering services, products and process management for building and repairing of sewers, pipes, containers, roads, industrial floors and anchors. The product lines currently on offer include:

  • "Titan-Alu" Manhole-Cover Opener
  • ERGELIT dry mortar: Specialist mortars for casting and shaft construction, coating- and injection mortar
  • Lifting gear for shaft-rings (manual, hydraulic und motordriven)
  • "Schachtfix" lifting gear for rings and cones
  • Shaft-ring cutting equipment
  • VBT-Damping rings
  • Pipe bladders
  • Fog generators
  • Bitumen sealing-strips
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