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Safety at work:
Avoid back-problems - Use the leverage!

Tested by:
TÜV Austria (FT 95-004)
Conforms to:
EN 292

"Titan-Alu" manhole-cover opener "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover opener is an indispensable tool for everyone working with manhole-covers, oil separator-, gas -, water- or cable pit covers.

Made from titanium-alloyed aluminium (550 N/mm²), this tool is 850mm long and weighs only 3.0 kg (6.6 lbs).

This device is extremely versatile and can be used to open almost all covers. With small covers of rotary slide valves used for water- and gas supplies you can use the "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover opener like a wheel puller.

Municipalities and municipal councils; sewage treatment plants and wastewater associations; road maintenance and construction companies, service stations and fire brigades use this innovative device for their work with duct covers of every type.

We have shipped more than 10000 "Titan-Alu" manhole-cover openers to more than 30 countries. Order this indispensible tool today!

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